My Experience Hosting an MMORPG on the Cloud

Tibia by CipSoft GmbH


Protocol Analyzer by Wireshark

Tibia Emulators

A player enters a teleport to access a boss

The Gaming Ecosystem

  1. A computer
  2. A database
  3. The game-server
  4. A website

The Basic Setup

Basic monolithic setup, where a hosting computer is in charge of everything

The Cool Setup

Cloud setup, where we distribute tasks

First step: Docker for environment independency

Container orchestration with docker-compose.yml

Second Step: GitHub Actions for CI/CD

Example GitHub Action to build and publish to a Docker’s image repository

Third Step: Amazon EC2 for the Game-Server

AWS Security Rules
AWS EC2 Resources Utilization

Fourth Step: Amazon Amplify and Route 53 for the Website

AWS Amplify Metrics: Average Time to the first byte given when a user access the website

Fifth Step: Amazon S3 for overall storage

Final thoughts



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